Yamaha Vintage 'RS7000 Style Collection' (Download)

Yamaha Vintage 'RS7000 Style Collection' (Download)
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  Style Collection für Hip Hop, RnB, 2Step, Drum & Bass, Disco, Dance, Techno,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Yamaha Vintage 'RS7000 Style Collection' (Download)"
Style Collection für Hip Hop, RnB, 2Step, Drum & Bass, Disco, Dance, Techno, Elektro, Pop. Insgesamt 63 Styles, produziert von Yamaha Europe.

Yamaha Vintage "RS7000 Style Collection" containing the following sets

• "Techstep | Drum & Bass, New Step“

• "Phat Attack | Hip Hop, RnB, 2Step“

• "Electronic Beatz | Disco, Dance, Techno, Elektro, Pop“

ℹ️ Since this is a product of our Yamaha Vintage series we'd like to kindly ask you to refer to the ReadMe files for further informations. There you will find all details about the content as well as how to tranfer the content depending on the particular instrument type. In some cases different nowadays less common media types might be necessary i.e. like Floppy Disks or Smart Media Cards respectively a transmission via Bulk Dump will be required. 

We draw your attention to the fact that we cannot provide any technical support for this Yamaha Vintage series.  

You will find further information material under „Available downloads“ at the end of this description.

This is a download-only product and will not be delivered on any other data media. If PayPal is the selected payment method the download links will be sent automatically after a successful transaction.

If you choose payment in advance the download links will be sent shortly after a successful transaction of your payment.

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