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Genos 'Analog Xperience' Genos 'Analog Xperience'
Analog Xperience is based on multi samples of some of the most pouplar analog synths of the last decades (Mini Moog, Jupiter-8, Oberheim Matrix-12, Clavia Nordlead, Virus Indigo). DEMOS Xpansion Styles: Dance & Electronic Ballads &...
€69.00 *
Genos 'Dreamscapes' (Download) Genos 'Dreamscapes' (Download)
Voices, Samples, Styles, Multi Pads and Registrations for Chill Out, Pop, Electronic, Ambient. Demos: Expansion Styles Vol. 1 Expansion Styles Vol. 1 Styles & Arpeggio Registrations Pad-Atmo-Arpeggio Registrations Video: More Videos:...
€69.00 *
Genos 'Organ Session' (Download) Genos 'Organ Session' (Download)
Emulates the sound of a Hammond B3. Wonderful punchy and smacky Hammond Sounds with consisely key click and adjustable percussion, rockorgans with slightly or strong distortion, traditional entertainer organs, classic...
€42.00 *
Genos 'Magic Dance' (Download) Genos 'Magic Dance' (Download)
"Magic Dance" offers a large amount of content for Dance, Trance, Synthpop and other styles of electronic music. The Samples and Expansion Voices contain a wide range of trendy Synth and Drumsounds. DEMOS > Genos exclusive: Registrations...
€42.00 *
Genos 'Phat Analog' (Download) Genos 'Phat Analog' (Download)
Timeless Voice- and Sample Library including an emulation of the legendary Minimoog (Leadsynth) and Jupiter-8 (Polyphonic Synth) and many other sample-based analog synthsounds. The ultimate extension for Genos/TYROS5/PSR! DEMOS...
€42.00 *
Genos 'FM Xpanded' (Download) Genos 'FM Xpanded' (Download)
The soundlibrary „FM Xpanded“ offers sample-based FM-sounds with highest dynamic and authenticity. It includes DX-oriented sounds as well new and innovative sound creations. DEMOS Registrations: FM Electric Piano & Stlyes Other FM...
€42.00 *
Genos 'Live Organ' (Download) Genos 'Live Organ' (Download)
"Live Organ" emulates the sound of a Hammond B3. For getting highest authenticity, pressure and orginal hammond feeling the organ samples has been sampled including distortion and slow/fast Rotary Speaker effect. DEMOS Registrations:...
€42.00 *