Genos 'Live Organ' (Download)

Genos 'Live Organ' (Download)
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  "Live Organ" emulates the sound of a Hammond B3. For getting highest authenticity,... more
Product information "Genos 'Live Organ' (Download)"
"Live Organ" emulates the sound of a Hammond B3. For getting highest authenticity, pressure and orginal hammond feeling the organ samples has been sampled including distortion and slow/fast Rotary Speaker effect.


 Organ & Style  Organ & Drums 
Expansion Voices:     
 Clean Organ  Distorted Rock Organ
 Entertainer Organ  Percussive Organ

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Expansion Pack „Live Organ“         ↗️ Genos2 - Please note the information on compatibility in the header area of the category!

The content of „Live Organ“:

  • 50 Expansion Voices
  • 26 Registration Banks (208 Registrations)
  • 24 Multisamples / 140 MB Samples (AIFF linear)

„Live Organ“ emulates the sound of a Drawbar Organ. 

To get the highest authenticity, pressure and orginal Drawbar Organ feeling the organ samples are including distortion and slow and fast Leslie. The internal Distortion and Rotary effects of the Yamaha Keyboards are not needed for this kind of sampling.

The difference is hard to describe – please check and compare the demos!

A very powerful feature are the „Fifth Distorted“ organ waves, which are including the basic tone and the fifth, which is a typical playing style in Rock music. This way the typical distorted rock organ sounds are amazingly real. These distortion samples are mapped in some voices in the range of C1 through B3.

The samples including Rotary and Distortion are added with some dry organ waves, sometimes with vibrato or organ percusssion. These pearly and clear organ sounds are perfect for jazz, funk and rhythm & blues.

The Expansion Voices are divided into five groups:

Voices 01 – 12        = Original Leslie Sound without Percussion

Voices 13 – 20        = Organ with Percussion

Voices 21 – 30        = Dry Organ without Leslie

Voices 31 – 40        = Soft Attack Organ

Voices 41 – 50        = Soft Organ for the LEFT Part

Some of the voices are only variations of the original multisample. Important differences exist especially in attack behavior (original, with additional organ percussion, with "Soft Attack").

Combinations of organ sounds with drum grooves or complete styles are provided in registrations.

The first six Registration banks are programmede to featue the Modulation Wheel or a connected Foot Pedal to work multi-functional. Depending on the used range it is both possible to reduce the volume or to switch between Slow / Fast Leslie samples. In the other Registration banks you can switch between Slow / Fast along with the Style Variations, which is simply done by selecting the Registrations. Because the rotary speaker speed is part of the samples increasing or decreasing effect between slow and fast is not possible with controllers.



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