KApro Stereo Upright Piano (Download)

KApro Stereo Upright Piano (Download)
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  • KG-01
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Product information "KApro Stereo Upright Piano (Download)"
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Expansion Pack KApro Stereo Upright Piano

The Content of KApro Stereo Upright Piano:

  • 27 Expansion Voices
  • 4 Registration Banks (40 Registrations)
  • 388 MB Multisamples / Samples

The KApro Stereo Upright Piano Expansion Pack presents the charming, multi-faceted sound of a piano ("Upright Piano") recorded by KApro some time ago. The recording arose during the programming of the epochal...

„KApro Epic Composer“-Library,

... in which the recorded piano is used. The KApro Stereo Upright Piano Expansion Pack contains the stereophonic recorded upright piano sound.

In each registration, four expansion voices (RIGHT1, RIGHT2, RIGHT3, LEFT) are combined with a MULTI PAD registration and complete style.

‼️  This Expansion Pack has been produced for the Yamaha Genos and is not compatible with other instruments. 


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