KApro Pop Organ (Download)

KApro Pop Organ (Download)
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  • KG-07
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Product information "KApro Pop Organ (Download)"
Arranged Demos: 
 Party On! (PJ)
 Beer Barrel Rock (PJ)
Organs Only: 
 Party On! (PJ)
 Beer Barrel Rock (PJ)


Expansion Pack KApro Pop Organ

The Content of Pop Organ:

  • 30 Expansion Voices
  • 3 Registration Banks (30 Registrations)
  • 202 MB Multisamples / Samples

Already in the 1960s, the organ has found its way into popular music. Countless recordings of various musical styles ranging from pop music to soul and funk have since delighted millions of audiences. Also, we "KApros" being children of this time are trained organists. That's why this KApro Pop Organ Expansion Pack is so very important to us. The KApro Pop Organ Expansion Pack extends the range of "Entertainer Organs" products from KApro.

Get the KApro spirit with the...

„KApro Pop Organ“ Expansion Pack",

an absolute MUST HAVE for every YAMAHA GENOS user!


‼️  This Expansion Pack has been produced for the Yamaha Genos and is not compatible with other instruments. 


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