MONTAGE 'FM-Xperience' (Download)

MONTAGE 'FM-Xperience' (Download)
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  FM-X sound expansion with a wide range of different sound types. Pure FM-X sound! No... more
Product information "MONTAGE 'FM-Xperience' (Download)"
FM-X sound expansion with a wide range of different sound types. Pure FM-X sound! No AWM2 parts and no samples are used. Even the drum sound is produced exclusively with FM-X. Innovative FM-X sound programming at its best!

Multi Part Performance Demos:  Single Part Performance Demos: 
 Synthpop & Dance  Chill Out - Lounge - FX 
 Chillout & Lounge  Dance & Electronic 
 Downbeat & Electronic    

MONTAGE FM-Xperience FM-Xperience Montage Library by Dom Sigalas EASY SOUNDS FM Xperience by HaPe Exploring FM-Xperience for Yamaha Montage Synthbits - Soundmit 2017: Hans-Peter Henkel on FM Synthesis


MONTAGE "FM-Xperience"

The content of FM-Xperience:

  •   96 Multi Part Performances
  • 176 Single Part Performances
  •   64 Drum Performances 
  • totally 336 Performances

FM-Xperience is more than a soundlibrary. The term "FM-X sound expansion" seems more appropriate for the delivered content.

FM-Xperience includes pure FM-X Sound! No AWM2 parts and no samples are used. Even the drum-sound is produced exclusively with FM-X.

FM-Xperience offeres a big range of sound types. It is not fixed to special music styles. But there is a clear trend towards innovative FM sound programming, in which the motion control and the effects of MONTAGE are integrated creatively. Conventional FM sounds in the style of the DX7 are not part of the concept, even if sometimes classic FM elements are used in a new context.

The Multi Part Performances take full advantage of the features of the MONTAGE and contain up to 8 FM-X Parts, 8 Scenes and often several Arpeggio Parts, sometimes also Motion Sequences. Numerous FM-X Stereo Performances – useable for playing live  - are also part of the Multi Part Performances.

The 176 Single Part Performances cover the sound categories FM Keys, Pads, Synth Comp, Synth Lead, Synth Bass, Chromatic Percussion and Musical FX. The Single Part Performances include 77 Arpeggio Performances.

A special highlight are the 64 FM-X Drum Performances, which represent a significant enrichment of the electronic drums of MONTAGE. Unlike the AWM2 drum sounds, the FM-X drums are fully editable. 
The first 16 Drum Performances are Multi Part Performances and each contain several parts with different drum instruments such as Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat and Percussion. The assigned Drum Arpeggios produce complete drum grooves. 
The other 48 Drum Performances are Single Part Performances and each contain a drum instrument. These performances are great for custom editing or for use with external sequencer song productions.

An outstanding feature of FM-Xperience is "FM-X Smart Edit". This refers to the intuitive handling of FM-X Performances with Assignable Knobs and Sliders. The Performances of the library are optimally tailored to the Smart Edit concept. In all Performances, the eight Assignable Knobs are assigned to FM parameters and effects. This allows Performances to be changed very quickly and saved as a new performance. Also the Assignable Knobs and Sliders can be used live or for recording purposes for realtime control. The movements of the Assignable Knobs and Sliders are sent as controller data or Sys-Ex data.

The Spiralizer effects are very useful for FM-X Parts and were therefore used in many of the performances of FM-Xperience and also included in the Smart Edit concept by assigning individual effect parameters to the Assignable Knobs.

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This product is designed exclusivele for the Yamaha Synthesizer series MODX and MONTAGE.

It is not compatible with the Yamaha Keyboard series like Genos, TYROS or PSR series!

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