KApro Famous Sounds (Download)

KApro Famous Sounds (Download)
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  • KG-08
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Beat It - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ)
Shout - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ)
Paranoimia - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ)
Atmo - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ)


Expansion Pack KApro Famous Sounds

The Content of KApro Famous Sounds:

    • 50 Expansion Voices
    • 5 Registration Banks (50 Registrations)
    • 412 MB Multisamples / Samples

Many of the multisamples and samples were recorded in stereo. All multisamples and samples were sampled at 48kHz and 16bit per sample per channel.

 Get the KApro spirit with the...

„KApro Famous Sounds“ Expansion Pack",

an absolute MUST HAVE for every YAMAHA GENOS user! 

Who does not recognize the cult songs of the last decades by the unique sound icons, which made them something very special, even milestones of modern pop and rock music:

  • All you have to do is hear the first beat of the "Phased Gong" and you know, now it starts with "Beat It".

  • "Papa Don’t Preach" owes its special driving beat to the famous Marcato strings at the beginning of the song.

  • One also likes to think of the ticking of the clock and the stunning "Elephant Sample" of "No Son Of Mine".

  • No doubt, the legendary "Sararr" ("ARR1") sound helped the song "Shout" to a mega success – "Shout" is even found in the form of the GENOS style "RetroPop / 80sMonsterHit".

  • The orchestra break in "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" made us sit up in 1983.

  • Since the 1960s at the latest, "Tape Instrument" technique was used in pop and rock music, e.g. the famous "Tape Instrument" flute in "Strawberry Fields Forever", then played by one of the most successful musicians of all time.

  • And what would "Sledgehammer" be without the stunning shakuhachi sound that Kurt Ader recorded decades ago?

It is very important to us KApros to present all these sounds and many more in this expansion pack for the YAMAHA GENOS.


‼️  This Expansion Pack has been produced for the Yamaha Genos and is not compatible with other instruments. 


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