MODX/MODX+ 'Dance Dreamz' (Download)

MODX/MODX+ 'Dance Dreamz' (Download)
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  Chart orientierted sound library for actual Pop music, Dance and Electronic.... more
Product information "MODX/MODX+ 'Dance Dreamz' (Download)"
Chart orientierted sound library for actual Pop music, Dance and Electronic.
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Multi Part Performances:   
 Fully Arranged  Split Arranged
Single Part Performances:   
 Dance Chords  Dance Arpeggios
 Synth Lead  Synth Comp
 Dance Bass  Pads, Sweeps & Synth Strings
 Vocals & Vocoder  Drums

Demo Videos:       Weitere Videos:
MONTAGE MODX Dance Dreamz - Multi Part Performances MONTAGE MODX Dance Dreamz - Single Part Performances     yt_easy_sounds_channel


MODX/MODX+ "Dance Dreamz"

The Content of Dance Dreamz:

  • 296 Performances (including 36 Multi Part Performances with 8 Parts each)
  • 214 Live Sets
  • 360 User Waveforms / 130 MB Samples
  • 256 User Arpeggios
  •   31 User Auditions

"Dance Dreamz" is a popular, chart-oriented sound library for current Pop, Dance and Electronic Music. High-quality synthesizer sounds, samples and arpeggios are offered, which can build an excellent basis for contemporary productions or live acts. According to the title of the product, the orientation of the product is more suitable for harmonic and melodic music than hardcore techno.

Key features of the sound library:

  • Complex Multi Part Performances with a high level of inspiration.
  • Global filter control of all multi parts with the Super Knob as a popular stylistic device of current Dance productions.
  • Typical Dance synths and authentic analog synths combined with matching arpeggios and step sequences that are indispensable for current chart productions.
  • Extensive Dance Kick Library, which can be edited intuitively and/or purposefully using Assignable Knobs with special Performances.
  • Drumkit Library combined with Dance Drum Styles as User Arpeggios.
  • Bass samples of analog synths with a special mapping method adopted from Yamaha keyboards like Tyros, Genos or PSR, allowing for authentic bass in all octaves.
  • Waveshape samples of Triangle and Sawtooth oscillators with variable waveforms.
  • Vocal and Vocoder Performances based on audio phrases as User Waveforms.
  • User Auditions with chord progressions for demonstration of complete Multi Part Performances and Single Part Performances.

Hint: A small amount of generic User Waveforms and User Arpeggios from previous EASY SOUNDS libraries has been used.

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• This product is designed exclusively for the Yamaha Synthesizer series MODX and MONTAGE. It is not compatible with the Yamaha Keyboard series like Genos, TYROS or PSR series!

• This sound library requires an actual operating system (MONTAGE OS v3.51 | MODX OS v2.52 | MODX+ OS v1.0) or higher.

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