MODX/MODX+ 'Dance Xpanded' (Download)

MODX/MODX+ 'Dance Xpanded' (Download)
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  Ultimative soundset for Dance, Trance, Electronic, Chill and Pop including new... more
Product information "MODX/MODX+ 'Dance Xpanded' (Download)"
Ultimative soundset for Dance, Trance, Electronic, Chill and Pop including new voices, MIDI loops, apeggios + drum loops. Main focus are Atmospheres, Pads, Synth leads, Synth basses, Chord synths, Gated pads and Sequencer/Arpeggio sounds.

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MODX/MODX+ "Dance Xpanded"

"Dance Xpanded" is the ultimative set for Dance, Trance, Electronic, Chill and Pop. 

It was produced by Peter Krischker. The sound designer and DJ Jahnspierre Leyton ("DJ Maverick") was engaged as Co-programmer in a separately marked part of the Voices ("JL").

The content of „Dance Xpanded:

  • 128 Single Part Performances
  •   20 Multi Part Performances
  •   64 MB new Synth Waveforms
  • 100 MIDI Loops / Arpeggios
  •   64 Audio Drumloops 

Main focus of 128 Performances are atmospheres, pads, synth vox, synth leads, synth basses, chord synths, gated pads and sequencer/arpeggio sounds. 

Special Features:

  • Top analog sound by professional programming based on new synth waves
  • „SawPhase“-Oscillators: 4 sawtooth-wave multisamples using different start phases to produce real analog attacks.
  • Trance gate pads generated with the User LFO 
  • Massive application of different filter types (LPF, HPF, BPF, BEF, combi filter).
  • Filter control with modulation

MIDI Loops

Beside the new Performances 100 MIDI loops are offered as Standard MIDI Files. These arpeggios, sequences and chordgrooves are descended from the CD-ROM "Mega Arpeggio" and are suited very well for controlling the sounds of „Dance Xpanded“ with an external sequencer.


For building small arrangements or sound combinations 64 well-choosen drum loops (WAV-format) from the EASY SOUNDS CD-ROM "Mega Loopz" were added to this set. They can be loaded with an external audio sequencer.

Drum loops are also part of the Performances.

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