CK61/88 'Player’s Selection'

CK61/88 'Player’s Selection'
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  CK Live Set Library for live keyboardists that contains Live Sets to play a big... more
Product information "CK61/88 'Player’s Selection'"
CK Live Set Library for live keyboardists that contains Live Sets to play a big variety of musical styles as well as some related cover songs.

(Compilation, taken from the videos. Slightly mastered so as not to be completely lost in the obviously unavoidable loudness competition.)
 Organ Live Sets  Mixed Live Sets  Jam Backing Tracks
For cover-song related demos please send an informal eMail to More information below.

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CK Organ Live Sets CK Mixed Live Sets CK Jam Backing Tracks   yt_easy_sounds_channel


CK "Player's Selection"

The Content of "Player's Selection:

  • 80 Live Sets (10 Live Set Pages)

Bonus Material consisting of:

  •   8 Backing Tracks "RealBook Favourites"
  • 29 Backing Tracks „Blues & Jam Progressions“

„Player’s Selection“ is a Live Set Library for the Yamaha CK series which has been specifically created for live players.

The Live Sets are basically divided into three different parts, focusing on a specific goal each.

One part of the Library consists of Pianos, E.Pianos and related combinations. The main goal was to achieve a sound that gets closer to the „big brothers & sisters“ from the Yamaha CP and YC „family“. Also, a lot of Live Sets already contain suitable Controller Assignments for the usage of a Yamaha FC7 Foot Controller, connected to „FOOT PEDAL 2“.

Another part of this Live Sets stands under the term „Inspired by…“. It contains cover song related Live Sets that are tailored to play a certain song. In case of interest please request the referring audio demos using the eMail address: We decided to go this way to avoid problems with copyright claims. There is also a separate PDF available with additional informations about the demos.

Last but not least 32 Live Sets are focusing on Organs. Variations for different playing styles like Jazz, Rock, Entertainer etc. are again complemented by some related cover songs. The sound of the Yamaha YC61 and some Performances from MONTAGE / MODX(+) „Organ Session“ were also taken as reference to create this Organ Live Sets.

Since the Yamaha CK series is equipped with some great features to use backing tracks we decided to provide some „ready to go“ bonus material with this library to use or at least try it. The „Audio Trigger“ function on CK61/88 allows you to assign an audio file (.WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit, Stereo) which can be triggered directly from a connected USB thumb drive. The file can be assigned to a particular Live Set. It can be started from the lowest or highest note, the volume can be stored and a play mode can be selected.

For a complete overview we exported a PDF containing just the content lists including Live Sets and the bonus material. You'll find the link under "Available Downloads" at the end of the product description.

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This product is ONLY compatible with the Yamaha CK series. It is NOT compatible with the Yamaha Stage Keyboard series Yamaha CP88/73, YC88/73/61, the Synthesizer or Electronic Keyboard series!
Due to the contained ".WAV" files the download size is about 2.5GB.
Please ensure an appropriate system environment for downloading.
There is NO shipping on physical media!

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