MONTAGE M 'Magic Vox' (Download)

MONTAGE M 'Magic Vox' (Download)
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  Product with a new sound concept that focuses on vocals in different forms: as vocal... more
Product information "MONTAGE M 'Magic Vox' (Download)"
Product with a new sound concept that focuses on vocals in different forms: as vocal arpeggios - optionally with vocoder insert, as Formant pads like FS1R and as vocal FX atmospheres based on Granular Synthesis. In the Multi-Part Performances, everything flows together into a complex soundscape.


Performance Demos:   
 8-Part Performances | Full Keyboard   8-Part Performances | Keyboard Split
 Atmo/FX | Granular Synthesis   Atmo/Pad | Formant Synthesis
 Vocal Arps | Vox Groove Sets   Vocal Arps | Vocal Phrases & Vocoder

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MONTAGE M "Magic Vox"

ℹ️  Corrosponds 1:1 to the MONTAGE version. No update necessary!

The Content of "Magic Vox":

  • 128 Performances
  • 132 User Waveforms /162 MB Samples
  • 256 User Arpeggios

"Magic Vox" is a product with a new sound concept that focuses on vocals in different forms: as Vocal Arpeggios - optionally with Vocoder insert, as Formant Pads like FS1R and as Vocal-FX-Atmospheres based on the Granular Synthesis. The Multi Part Performances merge the different components into a complex soundscape.

Product Features:

  • Arpeggio-controlled Vocal Phases, which are controlled with the Vocoder effect and other sound parameters. With the Super Knob and the Assignable Knobs morphings from the original Vocal sound to a Vocoder sound are possible.
  • Vocal Pads and Synth Choirs multisamples created using the Formant synthesis of the legendary Yamaha FS1R synthesizer. This type of sound, previously missing in MONTAGE M, provides an optimal complement to the conventional AWM2 and FM-X instrument and synth sounds of MONTAGE M.
  • Atmospheres and Musical Soundeffects created by complex audio editing of vocal samples using the Granular Synthesis combined with Time-Stretching and Formant Shifting. This results in strange Vocal atmospheres that revive the sound in a unique way.
  • Complex Multi Part performances, in which the different sound syntheses and the Vocal Phrases - partly with Vocoder use – are combined with Drums, Bass, Instruments and Synths. The Multi Part Performances with the name suffix "SPL" are style-oriented splits (LEFT = Backing Parts, RIGHT = Lead Parts.) The Multi Part Performances partly use also modified parts of Preset Performances or Performances of other EASY SOUNDS Libraries such as FM-Xperience.
  • Extensive use of the MONTAGE M Motion Control (Realtime Control with Assignable Knobs and Super Knob, Motion Sequences, AF1 & 2, etc.). The Common Assignable Knobs have been named in all Performances. The Knobs 1 - 4 are usually used independently of the Super Knob, while the Knobs 5 - 8 are controlled by the Super Knob.

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ℹ️ This product is designed exclusively for the Yamaha  MONTAGE M. It is not compatible with the previous Yamaha Synthesizer series like MOTIF, MONTAGE, MODX or Keyboard series like Genos, TYROS or PSR!

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