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  Sound- and Pattern pack, intended to emulate the sound of the legendary Roland CR-78... more
Product information "SEQTRAK 'CR'"
Sound- and Pattern pack, intended to emulate the sound of the legendary Roland CR-78 drum machine.

Groove Projects   
 CR Classic Grooves 1  CR Classic Grooves 2
 CR Classic Grooves 3
 CR Mixed Grooves 1  CR Mixed Grooves 2
 CR Latin Grooves 1  LD Latin Grooves 2
Für das Demo-Projekt "CR Ambition" folgen Sie bitte dem Link zum YouTube-Video.

Video: More Videos:
CR Ambition yt_easy_sounds_channel



The Content of "CR":

  • 21 User Drum Samples
  •   1 Demo Project „CR Ambition“ (YouTube Video)
  •   7 „Groove Projects“ (6 Drum Pattern each)
  •   4 „Installation Projects“ (1 Demo Pattern each, description follows)


SEQTRAK „CR“ is a sound and pattern pack for Yamaha SEQTRAK. The main part consists of 21 user samples that are intended to emulate the sound of the legendary Roland CR-78 drum machine.

The drum samples were not recorded directly from a CR-78, but were manually reprogrammed based on original samples and processed accordingly using various tools. The results of this work were then sampled afterwards.

The “installation projects” are prepared for importing the already categorized and post-processed samples. If samples are imported individually, categorization is part of the import. The sound processing must also be done individually for each sample after the impoert. Each of these projects contains a demo pattern that presents the imported sounds in a musically meaningful context.

The “Groove Projects” contain different patterns that you can use and/or edit directly.

The ReadMe PDF file which you can download at the end of this description under "Available Downloads" contains all the important information on importing projects as well as separately importing samples for your own - possibly already existing - projects.

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