MONTAGE M 'Live Organ' (Download)

MONTAGE M 'Live Organ' (Download)
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  "Live Organ" emulates the sound of a Hammond B3. To get highest authenticity,... more
Product information "MONTAGE M 'Live Organ' (Download)"
"Live Organ" emulates the sound of a Hammond B3. To get highest authenticity, pressure and original hammond feeling the organ samples has been sampled including distortion and slow/fast Rotary Speaker effect.


Single Part Performances:  
 Single Part Performances Vol. 1  Single Part Performances Vol. 2
Multi Part Performances:   
 Live Organ Arranged  Live Organ & Drums

Videos:       Weitere Videos:
Live Organ Live Played Live Organ Arranged     yt_easy_sounds_channel


MONTAGE M Live Organ

ℹ️ Upgrade available from earlier versions either seperately or to a bundle!   

↗️  MONTAGE M "Live Organ" Upgrade  ↗️  MONTAGE M "Organ Bundle" Upgrade

The Content of „Live Organ“:

  •   204 Performances (including 40 newly programmed MONTAGE M Performances)
  •   40   Live Sets 
  •   42   User Waveforms / 128 MB Samples 
  •   244 User Arpeggios
  •  116  User Auditions

Live Organ“ emulates the sound of a Drawbar Organ. The soundlibrary "Live Organ" sound library has been available for the Yamaha MOTIF, MONTAGE and MODX series for years and it is still very popular. The previous content of this library was completely adopted for the MONTAGE M version and supplemented with 40 newly programmed MONTAGE M Performances. 

In order to achieve the greatest possible authenticity and the original Hammond feeling, some of the samples of the MOTIF/MONTAGE original version already contain the Slow / Fast Leslie and the typical Hammond distortion.

In the Performances specially programmed for the MONTAGE M version, on the other hand, only the new VCM Rotary Speaker Effects are used. These effects, which also contain DRIVE and OVERDRIVE, are a special highlight of the MONTAGE M and they are perfect for authentic Hammond sounds.

A very powerful feature are the „Fifth Distorted“ organ waves, which includes the basic tone and the fifth, which is a typical playing style in Rock music.
This way the typical distorted Rock organ sounds are amazingly real. These distortion samples are mapped in some Performances between the range of C1 through B2.

The samples including Rotary and Distortion are added with some dry organ waves, sometimes with vibrato or organ percussion. These pearly and clear organ sounds are perfect for jazz, funk and rhythm & blues.

All Single Part Performances were programmed with User Arpeggios containing organ licks, which are used as a kind of audition demo, showing the intention of the Performance.

The 88 Multi Part Performances include a high number of Jam-Performances with special Arpeggios, partly even providing chord progressions, useable for jamming and training.

Some of the Live Organ Performances are using the new Tonewheel multi samples from the MONTAGE M ROM Waveforms. Similar to the Live Organ these multi samples are also sampled with slow and fast Rotary.

The 40 User Live Sets allow quick access to the 40 newly programmed MONTAGE M Performances. Each of these 40 Performances is assigned to one of the 116 User Auditions. These are interchangeable and give an excellent impression of the possible uses of the Organ sounds.

Hammond® and Leslie® are both registered trademarks of Hammond Suzuki USA.

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ℹ️ This product is designed exclusively for the Yamaha  MONTAGE M. It is not compatible with the previous Yamaha Synthesizer series like MOTIF, MONTAGE, MODX or Keyboard series like Genos, TYROS or PSR!

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