MONTAGE M 'Organ Session' (Download)

MONTAGE M 'Organ Session' (Download)
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  Emulates the sound of a Hammond B3 in the MONTAGE M. Wonderful punchy and smacky... more
Product information "MONTAGE M 'Organ Session' (Download)"
Emulates the sound of a Hammond B3 in the MONTAGE M. Wonderful punchy and smacky Hammond Sounds with consisely key click and adjustable percussion, rock organs with slightly or strong distortion, traditional entertainer organs, classic drawbar registrations and cool jazz organs.


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Multi Part Performances: 
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MONTAGE M "Organ Session"

ℹ️ Upgrade available from earlier versions either seperately or to a bundle!   

↗️  MONTAGE M "Organ Session" Upgrade   ↗️  MONTAGE M "Organ Bundle" Upgrade

The Content of MONTAGE M "Organ Session":

  •  308 Performances in total
  •    74 Multi Part Performances (6 new, 4 in revised Version)
  •  222 Single-Part-Performances (16 new, 88 revised versions, adapted to MONTAGE M features)
  •    12 Performances to be used with an external Rotary Cabinet
  •  256 Live Sets
  •    52 User Waveforms / 155 MB Samples 

„Organ Session“ emulates the sound of a Drawbar Organ in the Yamaha MONTAGE M.

This sound library is based on the MONTAGE version of the same name. Beside content of the previous version that has been converted this sound library contains new as well as re-designed Performances using dedicated features that were introduced with the MONTAGE M series like… 

  • VCM Rotary Speaker
  • VCM Rotary Speaker speed sontrol using the Ribbon Controller
  • More than 8 Elements per part
  • Inverted Fader movement to control Elements drawbar-like

You'll find more details in the ReadMe file which you can download under „Available downloads“ at the end of this description. 

To emulate the drawbars of a Drawbar Organ the best way, samples have been taken chromatically. This means recording one sample for each note of each of the 9 drawbars for 5 octaves. A User waveform of one drawbar includes 61 samples. Additional there are several chromatic sampled organ-percussion settings. 

Beside multi samples of drawbars and organ-percussion there are also samples of some  popular registrations like Full Organ, First Three, First Four, Even Bars or registrations with vibrato. Using multi samples of complete registrations allow complex Organ sounds with a limited number of voice elements. All sample recordings were taken without using amplifier, distortion and rotary speaker. This allows flexible usage of the effect section and realistic switching between slow and fast using the internal Rotary Speaker effect.

While MONTAGE M ROM-Waveforms had to use very short loops due to optimized usage of Wave ROM space, this product has no limitations. The samples and loops are much longer than the preset waveforms, which allows a way more realistic hammond sound.

In addition the chromatic sampling produces a different sound of the key click for each note. This behaves exactly like a real Drawbar Organ.

Also the organ-percussion is shaped very authentic using the USER-LFO for realizing the „Single Trigger Mode“ in many Performances. That means legato played notes are not triggering percussion. 

The Performances of Organ Session are offering wonderful punchy and "smacky" Organ Sounds with concisely key click and adjustable percussion, Rock organs with slightly or strong distortion, traditional entertainer organs, classic drawbar-registrations and cool Jazz organs.

Organ Session is very useful for Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, House, Entertainment or Ambient music. The product provides a huge selection of typical Hammond Sounds, which can be used very flexible: 

  • The sliders can be used like the drawbars of the Drawbar Organ
  • 16 new Single Part Performances based on the FM-X Engine provide the simulation of vintage Transistor Organs based on the Yamaha YC-Series
  • The rotary speed can be switched using the Ribbon Controller (slow/fast/stop), the Modulation Wheel, the Assignable Knob 1, the Super Knob or a connected Foot Controller (FC7)
  • All revised and new Performances are using the VCM Rotary Speaker insert effect, that provides a very authentic rotary speaker simulation already in the Yamaha YC series
  • Using the Assignable Knobs 2 – 8 more parameter like Percussion, Overdrive or Reverb can be controlled in real time on all new or re-newed Multi Part Performances
  • The feature to use more than 8 Elements per single Part in MONTAGE M has been used to provide additional percussion or key click in addition to 9 drawbars

All important organ adjustments can be controlled quick and directly from the Performance Play Mode. This allows intuitive sound changes in seconds!

Comparing "Organ Session" and "Live Organ"
Like "Organ Session“ the product "Live Organ" also emulates the sound of a Drawbar Organ in MONTAGE M. However, the concepts of both libraries differ in many aspects. The performances of LIVE ORGAN are mainly based on multisamples of drawbar combinations ("component sampling") and organ samples, which already contain the slow / fast Leslie and the typical organ distortion. The latter variant enables a high degree of authenticity, but inevitably involves doing without the popular increase and decrease in Leslie speed. The internal effects of the MONTAGE M such as the VCM Rotary Speaker or Distortion are not required for this type of tone generation.
The previous content of "Live Organ" was completely adapted for the MONTAGE M version and supplemented with 40 newly programmed MONTAGE M Performances. The "Organ Session" has considerable advantages over "Live Organ" in the area of ​​flexibility:
- Rotary speaker effect allows speed control (slow/fast) at any time
- The intensity of the distortion effect can be changed in real time
- The drawbars can be controlled with the sliders
More detailed informations are available in a separate PDF file which can also be downloaded under "Available downloads" .
The MONTAGE M-version of this soundlibrary is based on the same product for the Yamaha MONTAGE series. Furthermore, this version was significantly newly developed using new features of MONTAGE M like Super Knob and other features of the Motion Control Synthesis Engine. 

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ℹ️ This product is designed exclusively for the Yamaha  MONTAGE M. It is not compatible with the previous Yamaha Synthesizer series like MOTIF, MONTAGE, MODX or Keyboard series like Genos, TYROS or PSR!

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