MOX / S90XS / MRXS 'Dance Pro' (Download)

MOX / S90XS / MRXS 'Dance Pro' (Download)
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  High-quality soundcollection of powerful and modern Performances for Dance, Trance,... more
Product information "MOX / S90XS / MRXS 'Dance Pro' (Download)"
High-quality soundcollection of powerful and modern Performances for Dance, Trance, House, Pop und Electronic. Top-actual, commercial and progressive Dance sound with big pressure and high authenticity.


Audio/MIDI Arrangements:   
 Part 1  Part 2

 Synth Lead & Bass  Hooks & Chords
 Melodic Dance Arpeggios  Atmospheres & FX

Loops & more:
 Pitchy Attack Bass & Drum Loops  Dance Drum Loops
 Electronic Percussion Loops    

Video: More Videos:
Dance Pro Promo Video yt_easy_sounds_channel

MOX / S90XS / MOTIF Rack XS "Dance Pro"

The content overview: 

  • 128 Synth Voices (USER 1)
  •   10 AUDIO/MIDI Arrangements (Audio Loops & Standard MIDI Files)
  • 329 Drum- and Electronic Percusssion Loops (WAV-Format)

„Dance Pro“ incudes a high-quality sound collection of powerful and modern Voices and Performances for Dance and Pop music.

A special feature is the AUDIO/MIDI Arrangements, which are showing the powerful sound of the product. They can be used as starting point for your own music productions with external sequencers (DAW).

The arrangements are combining AUDIO tracks (Drums-/Electronic Percusssion Loops) with  MIDI-Tracks (Bass- and Synthsounds). The AUDIO tracks are delivered as WAV-Files, the MIDI tracks are available as Standard MIDI Files.

Highlights of the Soundlibrary:

  • Top-actual, commercial and progressive Dance/Electronic/Pop sound with big pressure and high authencity
  • 128 Dance Voices, programmed by international TOP-Sounddesigners
  • More than 100 MB Drum- / Electronic Percussion Loops (WAV and MOTIF-format)
  • 10 AUDIO/MIDI Arrangements for productions with externals DAWs or using the  internal MOTIF-Sequencer

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