MOX / S90XS / MRXS 'Synth Xtreme' (Download)

MOX / S90XS / MRXS 'Synth Xtreme' (Download)
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  Atmospherics, motion pads, Fx sounds and sound effects, spacious... more
Product information "MOX / S90XS / MRXS 'Synth Xtreme' (Download)"
Atmospherics, motion pads, Fx sounds and sound effects, spacious synth pads, trance sounds, vocal pads and analog vintage sounds. Mystic Spheres is indispensable for everyone, who don’t like just bread & butter sounds. Predestined for all kinds of Electronic music, Trance, Ambient, Chill Out, etc..


Demo Traxx:

 Technoid  Both Ways 
 My Dance  Cool Traxx 

Video: More Videos:
Synth Xtreme Promo Video yt_easy_sounds_channel

MOX / S90XS / MOTIF Rack XS "Synth Xtreme"

The Content of "Synth Xtreme":

  • 128 Synth Voices
  •   64 Drumloops (WAV / AIFF-Format)
  • 187 MIDI Files
  •     4 Demo-Traxx (Cubase/Logic)

"Synth Xtreme", produced by Peter Krischker, offers a wide range of fat, analog synth sounds in an outstanding quality. The sounds are very useful for Trance, Electronic, Techno and many kinds of other trendy Pop Music. Main focus of the voices are trendy synth leads, synth basses, chord synths, pads and sequencer/arpeggio sounds.

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