KApro CS80 Complete (Download)

KApro CS80 Complete (Download)
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Product information "KApro CS80 Complete (Download)"
Billie Jean [GENOS] (PJ)
Born In The USA [GENOS] (PJ)
Africa [GENOS] (PJ)


Expansion Pack KApro CS80 Complete

The Content of KApro CS80 Complete:

  • 116 Expansion Voices
  • 21 Registration Banks (58 Registrations)
  • 417 MB Multisamples / Samples

All multisamples and samples were recorded in mono using the YAMAHA CS-80 with the serial number 1037.


Get the KApro spirit with the...

„KApro CS-80 Complete“ Expansion Pack",

an absolute MUST HAVE for every YAMAHA GENOS user!


As follows some informations about the Yamaha CS80:

The YAMAHA CS-80 is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable electronic musical instruments, which the manual of the instrument introduces with the following words:

„The CS-80 is a unique step forward in synthesizer technology, an advanced and very playable instrument.”

As early as the mid-1970s YAMAHA built  

  • a weighted, i.e. piano-like, velocity-sensitive five-octave keyboard with sixty-one (61) keys and polyphonic aftertouch,

  • a huge ribbon above the keyboard used for pitch bend effects, and

  • two times eight oscillators, eight of which are allocated to each of the two freely programmable, identically realized channels of the CS-80:



The YAMAHA CS-80 is an eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer. In contrast to numerous competitor products of that time, the YAMAHA CS-80 is not based on frequency divider circuits typical for transistor organs, it is a genuine synth.

Each oscillator can simultaneously generate the „waveforms“

  • rectangle or pulse width („PW“) oder or pulse width modulation („PWM“) [switchable on or off],

  • sawtooth [switchable on or off],

  • (white) noise ("NOISE") [continuously adjustable] and

  • sine [continuously adjustable]

in any conceivable combination.

‼️  This Expansion Pack has been produced for the Yamaha Genos and is not compatible with other instruments. 


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