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KApro Entertainer Organs Complete (Download) KApro Entertainer Organs Complete (Download)
DEMOS Arranged Demos: „Calypso” „Samba Olé” Organs Only: „Calypso” „Samba Olé” Expansion Pack KApro Entertainer Organs Complete The Content of Entertainer Organs Complete: 60 Expansion Voices 20 Registration Banks (200 Registrations) 421...
€49.00 *
KApro Classic 80s Synth Complete (Download) KApro Classic 80s Synth Complete (Download)
DEMOS 1 Essentials Vol. 1 (PJ) 2 Essentials Vol. 2 (PJ) KApro Classic 80s Synth Complete The Content of KApro Classic 80s Synth Complete: 99 Expansion Voices 11 Registration Banks (110 Registrations) 373 MB Multisamples / Samples...
€49.00 *
KApro Accordions Complete (Download) KApro Accordions Complete (Download)
DEMOS Arranged Demos: AC Lambada Bandoneon (PJ) AC Chromatic Accordion (PJ) Accordion Only: AC Lambada Bandoneon (PJ) AC Chromatic Accordion (PJ) Expansion Pack KApro Accordions Complete The Content of Accordions Complete: 37 Expansion...
€49.00 *
KApro Legendary Tonewheel Organ (Download) KApro Legendary Tonewheel Organ (Download)
DEMOS With A Little Help From My Friends [w EXT FX] (PJ) Gimme The Proof (PJ) Hush [w EXT FX] (PJ) Nickel And A Nail (PJ) Expansion Pack KApro Legendary Tonewheel Organ The „KApro Legendary Tonewheel Organ“ Library Set consists of seven...
€49.00 *
KApro CS80 Complete (Download) KApro CS80 Complete (Download)
DEMOS Billie Jean [GENOS] (PJ) Born In The USA [GENOS] (PJ) Africa [GENOS] (PJ) Expansion Pack KApro CS80 Complete The Content of KApro CS80 Complete: 116 Expansion Voices 21 Registration Banks (58 Registrations) 417 MB Multisamples /...
€69.00 *
KApro Famous Sounds (Download) KApro Famous Sounds (Download)
DEMOS Beat It - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ) Shout - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ) Paranoimia - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ) Atmo - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ) Expansion Pack KApro Famous Sounds The Content of KApro Famous Sounds: 50 Expansion Voices 5 Registration...
€69.00 *
KApro Monumental Choir (Download) KApro Monumental Choir (Download)
DEMOS Billionaire - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ) Ave Vita - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ) Nur Geklaut - GENOS [Mastered] (PJ) Expansion Pack KApro Classic Monumental Choir The Content of KApro Classic Monumental Choir: 60 Expansion Voices 8...
€69.00 *
KApro Pop Organ (Download) KApro Pop Organ (Download)
DEMOS Arranged Demos: Party On! (PJ) Beer Barrel Rock (PJ) Organs Only: Party On! (PJ) Beer Barrel Rock (PJ) Expansion Pack KApro Pop Organ The Content of Pop Organ: 30 Expansion Voices 3 Registration Banks (30 Registrations) 202 MB...
€49.00 *
KApro Stereo Upright Piano (Download) KApro Stereo Upright Piano (Download)
DEMOS SUP Piano - Träumerei [Robert Schumann] (PJ) SUP Debussy Piano - Espana [Isaac Albéniz ] (PJ) SUP Natural Piano - Blumenlied [Gustav Lange] (PJ) Expansion Pack KApro Stereo Upright Piano The Content of KApro Stereo Upright Piano:...
€49.00 *