KApro Accordions Complete (Download)

KApro Accordions Complete (Download)
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Product information "KApro Accordions Complete (Download)"
Arranged Demos: 
AC Lambada Bandoneon (PJ)
AC Chromatic Accordion (PJ)
Accordion Only: 
AC Lambada Bandoneon (PJ)
AC Chromatic Accordion (PJ)


Expansion Pack KApro Accordions Complete

The Content of Accordions Complete:

  • 37 Expansion Voices
  • 9 Registration Banks (90 Registrations)
  • 153 MB Multisamples / Samples

The modern accordion finds its roots in a patent (“Privilegium”) granted to Cyrill Demian and his sons Karl and Guido on May 23, 1829, Vienna, Austria. The Demians were organ and piano builders who had their origins in Transylvania. 

The expression “accordion” which was coined for the new instrument by the Demians emphasizes the fact that the instrument had buttons or keys some of which activating “automatically coupled chords on the bass side” made up of three to five different notes. Accordions are box-shaped instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, see ...

↗️ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accordion.

Since their invention, the accordions have become widely spread all over the world, being used in folk music, pop, rock, cajun, zydeco, jazz and in both solo and orchestra performances of classical music. We, being great fans of fine acoustical instruments, introduce this new sound library devoted to the accordion in its various forms, providing you, dear fellow musicians, with a superb sounding, versatile addition for your musical work. 

‼️  This Expansion Pack has been produced for the Yamaha Genos and is not compatible with other instruments. 


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