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MODX 'Energy' (Download) MODX 'Energy' (Download)
ENERGY contains Performances, Samples and Arpeggios for Electronic, Modern Pop, Dance, Dub Step, Electro House and other similar music styles. One highlight of ENERGY are the Mega Complextro Performances, which are pretty unique in a...
€35.00 *
MODX 'Synth Xtreme' (Download) MODX 'Synth Xtreme' (Download)
Soundlibrary for Electronic, Dance, Trance and trendy Pop music. The combination of synth sounds with drum- und bass loops offers a great base for the production of electronic music tracks. DEMOS Multi Part Performances: Volume 1 Volume...
€35.00 *
MODX 'Chill Xperience' (Download) MODX 'Chill Xperience' (Download)
Includes sounds for Chill Out, Lounge, Ambient, Electronic and Popmusic. This breathtaking production offers a very high degree of musical inspiration. DEMOS Multi Part Performances: Single Part Performances: Synth Synth Player Player...
€35.00 *
MODX 'Dance Xpanded' (Download) MODX 'Dance Xpanded' (Download)
Ultimative soundset for Dance, Trance, Electronic, Chill and Pop including new voices, MIDI loops, apeggios + drum loops. Main focus are Atmospheres, Pads, Synth leads, Synth basses, Chord synths, Gated pads and Sequencer/Arpeggio...
€35.00 *
MODX 'Stage & Studio' (Download) MODX 'Stage & Studio' (Download)
"Stage & Studio" is a collection of the most crucial instrument sounds you need for both stage and studio work - both regular instruments and classic synth sounds. To ensure all-round playability and suitability, these voices have been...
€35.00 *
MODX 'Magical Pads' (Download) MODX 'Magical Pads' (Download)
Provides mainly warm, analog and atmospheric synth pads, but also sweeps, swells, synth brass, and Atmo/FX-sounds. The overall character of these pads is influenced by classic vintage synths such as the Jupiter-8, Oberheim Xpander or...
€35.00 *
MODX 'Mystic Spheres' (Download) MODX 'Mystic Spheres' (Download)
Atmospherics, motion pads, Fx sounds and sound effects, spacious synth pads, trance sounds, vocal pads and analog vintage sounds. Mystic Spheres is indispensable for everyone, who don’t like just bread & butter sounds. Predestined for...
€35.00 *