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Yamaha Vintage 'AN1x Fat Analog' (Download) Yamaha Vintage 'AN1x Fat Analog' (Download)
The fattest analog sound of AN1x. Special highlight are super-fat bass & lead synths and sequencer sounds using Unison + MONO-Mode, but also polyphonic synths, pads, sweeps and warm synth strings. Yamaha Vintage "AN1x Fat Analog" Target...
€13.00 *
Yamaha Vintage 'AN1x Synth Collection' (Download) Yamaha Vintage 'AN1x Synth Collection' (Download)
Finest synth sounds. The ultimate collection for the Yamaha AN1x! Yamaha Vintage "AN1x Synth Collection" containing: • VD-AN1x-01 "Analog Classics" • VD-AN1x-02 "Analog Plus" • VD-AN1x-03 "Sequence Basics" • VD-AN1x-04 "Supersynth" •...
€49.00 *