MONTAGE M 'Spectral Move' (Download)

MONTAGE M 'Spectral Move' (Download)
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  Musically inspiring sound library with rich and varied content.  ... more
Product information "MONTAGE M 'Spectral Move' (Download)"
Musically inspiring sound library with rich and varied content.

Performance Audio Demos:   
 Multi Part Performances | Split  Multi Part Performances | Mix
 Morph&More Performances  Spectral FX Performances
 AN-X Smart Morph Performances  AN-X Shimmer Morph Performances
 Arpeggio Performances  Wave Cycle Performances

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MONTAGE M "Spectral Move"

The Content of Spectral Move:

  • 242 Performances (including 24 Multi Part Performances, 104 Performances with AN-X Parts)
  • 242 Live Sets
  • 121 User Waveforms / 181 MB Samples
  •   98 User Arpeggios
  •   80 User Auditions

Die wichtigsten Features der Library:

  • New Spectral FX samples, created through complex Resynthesis
  • Complex Multi Part Performances with a high degree of inspiration (SPLIT and MIX-type)
  • Spectral FX Performances combined with AN-X + AWM parts
  • New atmospheric AN-X Performances
  • AN-X Smart Morph Performances
  • Wave Cycle Arpeggios + Performances
  • Using all important features of MONTAGE M - Firmware 2.0, especially AN-X Smart Morph, AN-X Wave Folder and Shimmer Reverb

Note: A small part of User Waveforms and User Arpeggios were taken from previous EASY SOUNDS sound libraries.

The product name "Spectral Move" refers in a narrower sense to the Spectral Synthesis used to create the User Waveforms and Samples. In a broader sense, however, the product also refers to the complex sound spectrum that is created by combining Spectral FX, AN-X and AWM and is made dynamic and full of movement using features such as Motion Sequence, Smart Morph and Super Knob.

The Spectral FX samples were created using the "Spectral Oscillator" Resynthesis Tool of Steinberg HALion 7. Existing samples from the EASY SOUNDS library were extensively edited and alienated to the point of being unrecognizable, resulting in completely new sounds that were sampled and used as MONTAGE User Waveforms.

Especially the combination of the innovative Spectral FX samples with AN-X and the fantastic Shimmer Reverb of the MONTAGE M Firmware 2.0 leads to a unique sound experience that creates incomparable atmospheres.

The variety of programming techniques and features used in "Spectral Move" results in a universal, musicstyle-independent sound expansion that should be a "must-have" for every ambitious MONTAGE M user.

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ℹ️ This product is designed exclusively for the Yamaha  MONTAGE M. It is not compatible with the previous Yamaha Synthesizer series like MOTIF, MONTAGE, MODX or Keyboard series like Genos, TYROS or PSR!
ℹ️ The installation requires operating system MONTAGE M OS v2.0 oder higher.

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