Tyros 5 'Dreamscapes' (Download)

Tyros 5 'Dreamscapes' (Download)
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  Voices, Samples, Styles, Multi Pads and Registrations for Chill Out, Pop,... more
Product information "Tyros 5 'Dreamscapes' (Download)"
Voices, Samples, Styles, Multi Pads and Registrations for Chill Out, Pop, Electronic, Ambient. 

 Expansion Styles Vol. 1  Expansion Styles Vol. 1

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Expansion Pack "Dreamscapes"

The Content of „Dreamscapes“:

  • 128 Expansion Voices
  • 158 MB Samples (AIFF linear)
  •   16 Styles with ONE TOUCH Settings (OTS) 
  •   22 Multi Pad Banks
  •     6 Registration Banks (48 Registrations)


The 128 Expansion Voices are based on multisamples of 158 MB (AIFF linear). The sounds are best used in the music styles Chill Out, Lounge, Ambient, Electronic and Pop. But also for magic shows, artistic / aesthetic lectures, space shows, mystical lectures, relaxing music, film music and many other purposes you can use the sounds of this pack.
In addition to atmospheric synth pads, sound collages and effect sounds, there are also playable analog sounds (synthcomp, pads, leads, sweeps, swells), bell-shaped digital sounds and percussive synth sounds for sequencer / arpeggio. In addition, the bank also includes Slice Loops with Drum & FX Loops and Vocal Phrases for use in the Styles and Multi Pads.


The 16 authentic Styles for Chill Out, Pop, Electronic, Ambient and similar music styles are extremely inspiring and open up a high degree of musical creativity for the user.
Half of the Expansion Styles were completely new programmed, while the other half used Preset Styles as a starting point, which are now heavily modified in the newly arranged and remixed Expansion Styles using the Expansion Voices.
Unlike the Preset Styles, the Styles of this Expansion Pack also allow the Intros and Endings to be reharmonized. In combination with the Multi Pad Banks you can play individual Intros and Endings in a creative and intuitive way.
All styles contain completely new programmed ONE TOUCH SETTINGS (OTS 1 - 4).

Multi Pads

The 22 Multi Pad Banks include Slice Drum / FX loops, sequences, atmospheres, sound effects and vocal phrases that are perfect for completing the styles. For each of the 16 Styles an individual Multi Pad Bank was programmed, which is automatically selected with the OTS.
The Multi Pads are most useful for the Intros and Main A.


The 6 Registration Banks contain 32 Voice Registrations and 16 Registrations with Style assignments.
The Voice Registrations can be assigned to any Style. Conversely, after preselecting Styles, the Voice Registrations can be selected with keeping the selected Style.

ℹ️ The Expansion Pack Soundset requires the optional Flash Memory (Flash Memory Expansion Module FL512M or FL1024M).

ℹ️ Upgrade included!

With the order of this product you will get the versions for all the higher quality instruments of this series like PSR series and Genos automatically free of extra charge.

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