PSR-SX900 / SX700 'Magic Dance' (Download)

PSR-SX900 / SX700 'Magic Dance' (Download)
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  "Magic Dance" offers a large amount of content for Dance, Trance, Synthpop and other... more
Product information "PSR-SX900 / SX700 'Magic Dance' (Download)"
"Magic Dance" offers a large amount of content for Dance, Trance, Synthpop and other styles of electronic music. The Samples and Expansion Voices contain a wide range of trendy Synth and Drumsounds.

> Genos / SX series exclusive:    
Registrations with Expansion Voices, Multi Pads and revoiced Styles:
 Expansion Styles Vol. 1  Expansion Styles Vol. 1
> All versions: 
 Magic Dance Mix  Magic Synth Mix 
 Magic Space Mix    

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Expansion Pack "Magic Dance"

The Content of „Magic Dance“:

  • 128 Expansion Voices
  •     8 Drumkits
  •   10 Registration Banks (48 Registrations)
  • 180 Multi Pad Banks (600 Multi Pads)
  • 140 MB Samples (AIFF linear)

"Magic Dance" offers a large amount of trendy and timeless content for Dance, Trance, Synthpop and other styles of electronic music.
The Samples and Expansion Voices contain a wide range of trendy Synth and Drumsounds.
The Pages P1 - P5 of the Expansion Voices are offering a quick access to Synthleads, Hooks and Synthcomps for the right hand (RIGHT1, 2, 3).
The Synthpads (P6) can be used for accompaniment with left hand.
The Arpeggiosounds und Percussive Synths (P7 + P8) as well as the Drumsounds and Slice Kit loops (P9 - P14) are mainly useful for Multi Pads.

The 150 Multi Pad Banks of this Expansion Pack are including totally 720 Pads – sorted by groups. Here you find an overview:

Mix Banks

  • DanceMix 
  • SynthMix
  • DJ & Play
  • SpaceMix
  • ComplexMix

Synth Sequences

  • Dance Arpeggio
  • Dance Chord
  • Dance Mod
  • Dance Lead
  • Dance Bass
  • Sidechain Compression Synthpads
  • Complextro Synth & Bass

Drumgrooves & Loops

  • Dance Drumkit Loops
  • Dance Slice Kit Loops
  • Complextro & Dub Step Drums

The 80 Mix Banks are some kind of „Mini-Styles“. 
They can be used as alternatively to or in combination with Styles. The four sequences contained in each bank are optimally matched and can be played simultaneously. It is very appealing to add the pads one by one and thus develop a dance-typical arrangement live. The Mix banks are built from individual pads of the "Synth Sequences" and "Drumgrooves & Loops" groups. 
A special highlight are the 30 Multi Pad Banks of the group „DJ & Play“. Their sequences are based on the Preset Multi Pads of the "DJ Phrase" category and use the same chord progressions. You can transpose them, but reharmonizing is not possible. The DJ phrases have their own charm, as they contain dance-typical chord progressions, reversals and sequences that would hardly be realizable by reharmonization. 
In addition, reharmonizable versions of the DJ Multi Pads were created. This "PLAY"  versions are largely identical to the "DJ" versions in terms of phrasing and voice selection, but contain no chord progressions. 
The "DJ" and "Play" registrations can be switched flexibly while playing. The odd Registration numbers are the DJ-variations, the even Registration numbers are the PLAY-variations.

The 80 Registrations of this pack are using exclusively the Mix-Banks. 

The Arpeggiator is used massively in the registrations. In the first four Registration Banks of this pack, the Arpeggiator is assigned with suitable Arpeggio Types. Flexible mixing between STYLE TRACKS and MULTI PADS is possible in MIXER (Panel 1 and Style).

This Expansion Pack does not come with any new styles. 
However, the combination of Preset Styles with the Expansion Voices and Multi Pad Banks sometimes required Remix versions of the Preset Styles. In addition to changing Mixer settings, some styles were also made "slimmer" to make more space for the used Multi Pads.

The combination of Expansion Voices, Multi Pads and remixed Styles creates an amazingly authentic and extremely powerful Dance sound. In most cases the style assigned in the registration is hardly recognizable again.

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With the order of this product you will get the versions for all compatible instruments of this series like PSR series as well as Tyros 5 and Genos on demand free of extra charge.

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